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Your project is big enough, and you are planning its long-term support (updates, scaling, etc.), but at the same time you do not have internal human and time resources to delegate the task of its implementation to your in-house specialists?

In that case, you may need to hire dedicated development team. Below, we will present a brief guide to hire dedicated developers as well as discuss what its typical structure is, what types of projects it suits the best, and how pricing for its services is formed.

The Structure of a Dedicated Development Team

The dedicated project team structure implies a clear distribution of responsibilities and tasks between specialists of a narrow profile. In particular, they are usually developers (frontend, backend), system architects, designers, QA specialists, and, of course, managers who are responsible for the timely completion of project stages and the proper quality of work. If the project involves the use of some specific technologies, data science specialists, IoT developers, ML engineers, etc., can also join the team.

In general, the final composition of the team is approved after defining clear requirements for the project, both technical and non-technical, including the timing of its implementation, the complexity of business logic, etc.

When You Should Hire a Dedicated Development Team

In fact, besides resorting to hire dedicated software developer, there are many other ways to get a software solution that meets your current business goals – from finding freelancers to self-development using no or low-code software constructors with a graphical interface. So when is a dedicated development team best suited?

Let’s consider the first case: you have your own department with developers, but each of them has a regular list of tasks, and a new project is likely to cause them to burn out. Or for example, the implementation of this project requires skills that your in-house team does not currently have. What to do in this case? Postpone the development process until your employees get the needed set of skills or hire new ones? If we are talking about only one project, all these options are irrational, as they will require a lot of resources from your side.

Move to the second case: your requirements for the project are formed gradually, and as it is implemented, at certain points, you will find the need to add more and more new specialists with new skills to your team. If you hire such specialists in the state, you will not only face downtime but also be forced to plan what to do with these new employees after the project is completed.

Finally, let’s check the third case: you do not understand what technologies and tools you have to use to implement your software solution. Also, you have no idea about its architecture, design, and other aspects, and all you can do is formulate specific business problems that it should help solve. In this case, you will need serious support from seasoned technical specialists with experience in your industry, and, most likely, your in-house IT department will not be suitable for this.

In all these situations, deciding to outsource dedicated software development teams will be the best option, as you will be able to save your time, money, and human resources for your core business tasks. 

hire dedicated development team

When You Should Not Hire Dedicated Development Team

As for short-term projects (small and medium-sized ones) for which the technical requirements are clear and transparent from the outset (and you do not plan to change them in the future), it makes sense to choose other models of cooperation with development teams, for example, Fixed Price or Time and Materials. In turn, cooperation with a dedicated team also has the right to life, but it is not the most cost-efficient option available.

Dedicated Development Team VS Fixed Price Model

The Fixed Price collaboration model is suitable for small to medium software development projects. It involves initially agreeing on a complete list of requirements for the project and calculating its budget and deadlines. Thus, from the very start of your cooperation with such a team, you will understand how much time and money the implementation of your project will take. At the same time, you will not be able to change the requirements for it.

As for the dedicated team model, it just gives you the flexibility and adaptability you need, which means you can change the direction of the project as you wish. In general, this is a typical situation for long-term, large-scale projects, which allows for team scaling.

Dedicated Team VS Time & Material Model

If we are talking about the Time and Materials model, it implies payment for the resources spent on the development of the project, that is, for time and materials. This model is more suitable for long-term projects but is not cost-effective in the long run if your requirements change often.

In turn, when you hire a dedicated team, you agree on a monthly salary for each of the team members, which is the best option for such cooperation.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

The cost of the services of dedicated teams usually depends on the region where the company on behalf of which they work is located. For example, in the countries of Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia, the rates of middle developers vary between 30-45 US dollars per hour, depending on their qualifications.

cost of hire dedicated remote team

As for the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and most Western European countries, here, the price tag for the services of an expert of the same level will start at $60 per hour. That's why, to save your money, it makes sense to direct your searches to teams from the countries from the first list.

Benefits Of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

Summarizing the above, we can highlight the following advantages that you will get when hire dedicated software development teams:

  • Cost-effectiveness for large projects with changing requirements
  • Experienced, well-cooperated specialists who will work only on your project and have already worked on similar projects before you
  • Management on the side of the team, which frees you from constant monitoring of the quality and timing of tasks

5 Factors That Make Dedicated Development Team Work

Formally, there are five factors that will ensure coordinated work within your dedicated team:

  • Clearly define the goals and objectives of the project, as well as conduct a small onboarding into the activities of your company so that your dedicated team understands exactly what they will have to do for you
  • State the values of your business as a whole so that your contractors can create a product that will be truly useful to your target audience
  • Explore existing projects similar to yours to give your developers a rough idea of what you want to get as a result (or vice versa, do not want to get if existing solutions have significant drawbacks)
  • Define the tools and models for interacting with your remote team, as well as agree on the frequency of reporting
  • Sign a contract with your project requirements (including budget and deadlines) and an NDA to protect your intellectual property 

Why Hire a Dedicated Development Team from Wezom?

WEZOM is a company that has succeeded in developing solutions for more than ten business industries, including logistics, finance, healthcare, energy, etc. At present, we have more than 200 employees ready to start developing your project in the shortest possible time. If you are looking for dedicated mobile app developers or web developers who fully understand how to make the most of your business, just contact us.

If for now, you just have an abstract understanding that your business processes need automation, you can call or write to us for advice. Our experts will offer you a comprehensive digital transformation strategy for your company and help you bring it to life in stages. 

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Technologies & Frameworks Our Dedicated Teams Are Skilled In

If you consider WEZOM to hire dedicated remote team, you can check our core technologies and tools we use. 

Advanced technologies

We build cutting-edge solutions based on such technologies as Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things. We will provide your audience with an advanced user experience and provide great scalability opportunities.

Frontend development

For frontend development, we use time-proven top-notch solutions like GraphQL, Ant Design, Next.js, React.js, and so on. This way, from one project to another, we ensure instant response to user actions regardless of the level of complexity of the business logic.

Backend development

We will create a highly accessible and high-performance solution for your business needs that will be easy to scale as your requirements become more complex. For this, we use Spring, Node.js, .Net, Laravel, and so on.

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We work with such databases as MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL to form a reliable data source for fast, secure, and easy access from your app. This approach allows us to create apps with constantly expanding resources without compromising performance.


To introduce DevOps practices, our experts use Nginx, Docker, and Kubernetes. Thanks to these tools, we ensure a continuous pipeline in development, testing, and deployment processes, speeding up the release of new versions.  


To ensure that your software solution instantly adapts to changing user workloads, our experts base it on the cloud. We have experience working with such cloud platforms as Hetzner, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Mobile app development

Our team of mobile developers can provide you with several options to create your mobile solution: hybrid, cross-platform, and native. For this, we use Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Firebase, and other advanced tools and languages. This flexibility allows us to develop highly responsive solutions within our clients’ budgets.

If you are interested in at least one of these services and looking for more information about them, you can check our full tech stack here

Our successful cases of creating a software solution in the model of a dedicated team

Now, you can take a look at our specific case study to check our expertise in practice.

The client who approached us was the oil and energy company with 17 offices. This client needed to receive a comprehensive custom ERP solution to automate business processes within four company’s departments.

That’s why we agreed to build a system consisting of interconnected modules: HRMS, a document management system, a billing CMS, and an LMS mobile application. Each of them has to be compliant with ISO 31001, ISO 27001, and GDPR and CCPA standards.

First, we created an MVP in 30 sprints and deployed it. Currently, it operates within the client’s company across all its departments, and its employees use it to speed up their regular tasks. Thanks to this, debtors' debts were reduced by 38%.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to hire dedicated developer and understand in general whether this format of cooperation suits you or not. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced dedicated team for your project, feel free to contact us. We will select specialists individually for your project to ensure that your requirements are fully met and that the standards of your business industry are adhered to.

Our Dedicated Team will help you with Your Project
Our Dedicated Team will help you with Your Project
With WEZOM, you gain access to a large highly experienced software developers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, UI/UX designers, and business analysts in Dedicated Team Model
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