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Our team recently attended a series of forums dedicated to our main development area - oil and gas industry.

A landmark event – the mid-continent LDC gas forum – took place September 9-11, where more than 350 gas industry leaders gathered in Chicago to network, analyze information, and make deals. This global event included the LDC Gas Forums Series, US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum, and Gulf Coast Energy Forum focused on a key region of the North American natural gas market.

What Are These Forums About?

These forums annually bring together buyers and sellers from across North America and help them build relationships to do business. This is more than just conferences. This is the place to gain insight into the critical issues affecting natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and other emerging energy markets. It is also the place where participants get the opportunity to meet their industry peers to complete commercial business transactions.

As for the past forums, such current topics as:

  • Development of the energy transition
  • Compressed natural gas
  • Liquefied natural gas
  • RSG/certified gas
  • Environmental, social, and governance issues
  • Carbon capture/CCS
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Virtual pipeline
  • Demand, supply, and financial prospects in the gas and oil industry
  • Pipeline/storage/LNG infrastructure projects
  •  LNG export markets
  • Export markets of Mexico
  • Coordination of gas and electricity supplies
  • Regulatory news
  • Opinions and problems of gas buyers
  • Risk analysis/hedging strategies
  • Global energy geopolitics

As a result, these forums are attended by market leaders, decision makers, and subject matter experts representing all segments of the commercial value chain, including utilities, industrial gas users, pipeline manufacturers, marketers, key service/product providers, as well as regulators and analysts


Our Experience and General Impressions

CEO of our company, Sergey Guzenko, and Managing Manager, Evgeniy Patalyak, have visited the LDC gas forum: mid-continent (September  9-11). They were delighted with the competence of the speakers and the relevance of their materials – in particular, the topics for their reports fully met current challenges and trends in the energy industry.

Discussions and questions among forum participants were also productive and informative. And, of course, they noted excellent networking opportunities – all participants had enough time for informal communication and contact sharing at properly organized networking sessions.

Overall, this event provided our company with many new ideas and inspired us to further develop in the energy sector. That is why we now highly recommend these LDC gas forums to our colleagues and plan to participate in them next year.

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