We Have Become ASTQB Partners!

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We Have Become ASTQB Partners!

We have great news today – we have become official ASTQB partners! Let’s find out what it means to our clients.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

The ISTQB exam is one of the most significant exams that confirms theoretical and practical skills in applying Agile, automation, and artificial intelligence in software testing. Obtaining this certificate allows us to become ASTQB partners and, thus, get into the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™, which is used as a benchmark for real professionalism by many employers in the United States.

Why Is This So Important to Us?

As you may know, quality (i.e., compliance with specifications, standards, and generally accepted requirements) is one of the key factors providing the viability and competitiveness of a digital solution. Therefore, those who choose our software development services must be confident that we can ensure their products with this business value. And, since the ASTQB partnership is one of the most prestigious signs of QA expertise worldwide, we decided to get it whatever it takes.

What Our Specialists Who Received This Certification Say

We talked to some of our employees to learn more about the nuances of obtaining the ASTQB partnership.

We interviewed Natalia, Manual QA Tech Lead, and Alla, Middle Manual QA, and here are the answers we received.

How difficult was it to get this certification?

Natalia: The ISTQB Foundation Level certification was an interesting challenge to me. It required a lot of preparation and focus as it covers various topics fundamental to the QA engineering profession. However, although the material may seem difficult, systematic training and practical experience greatly simplify the assimilation of information. In general, certification is an excellent opportunity to test your own knowledge and skills in the field, which is important for professional confidence and career growth. 

Alla: Generally, it wasn’t too difficult, and the exam had a test format.

What skills does this certification confirm?

Natalia: The ISTQB Foundation Level certification confirms knowledge of the basic principles of software testing. It emphasizes the importance of a structured approach to the testing process as a whole, from planning, designing, and executing tests to assessing their results and reporting.

Alla: This exam assessed my fundamental knowledge of the theory of testing and quality assurance. My practical skills in applying test design techniques were also evaluated.

Final Thoughts

We understand that a single certificate, even the most prestigious, cannot guarantee dozens of new contracts. We would just like our clients to have objective confidence that our experience and knowledge allow us to create high-quality and advanced solutions that can give a head start to even established leaders in their business niche. 

Actually, the next sign of our team's reliability has become the ASTQB partnership. If you want to entrust us with your project completely or one of its stages, please contact us right now.

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