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The WEZOM team never rests on its laurels, which is reflected in our unceasing thirst for new knowledge.

For instance, recently, one of our leading UX/UI design experts, Alla Kuzmina, received AI Design Courses Certification from The Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF), a renowned organization that provides educational materials to people from all over the world to improve their design skills. Below, we will tell you more about this insignia and explain what it gives to our clients.

What Does This Certification Mean?

A certificate of completion of the IxDF course issued to a student (in our case, Alla's certificate was also marked with the "Top 10%" distinction) indicates objective approval of the completed work and means its full compliance with the strict criteria adopted by the IxDF Educational Code.

As for the course itself, it provides comprehensive knowledge on AI for UX designers in the following directions:

  • The impact of AI on the design industry and assessing its development potential in this field;
  • Using AI tools for UX research, prototyping, and evaluation, as well as integrating AI into any other stages of design;
  • Specifics of designing using artificial intelligence (features, problems, and challenges);
  • Creating ethical design solutions with AI.

Specialists who have received this certification are in demand at world-famous companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, Adobe, Phillips, McAfee, Accenture, and many others.

What Prompted Us to Take the IxDF Course and Obtain Certification?

Generally speaking, all our specialists strive to improve their skills constantly. Since this is a natural process for them, we try to help them with this.

In particular, taking the IxDF course was a joint decision of Alla and our management since our company aims to keep its finger on the pulse and implement the latest achievements of the IT industry (specifically, artificial intelligence) in its projects.

It was especially interesting to learn about the possibilities of applying artificial intelligence in design, as we have been using it for a long time in other stages of software development. However, since we always try to reduce the time-to-market for our solutions (which has a positive effect on their budgets), the introduction of AI tools into our design processes has become more of an essential necessity than a desire to test something new. (c) Alla Kuzmina

This course helped our expert, Alla, fully master AI tools for generating wireframes and converting screenshots into layouts, expand her Figma skills, and much more. Also, she found out that these software solutions are not universal, and not all the tasks they promise to solve can be performed properly.

Finally, thanks to this course, our expert learned about a whole set of limitations and additional steps that a designer must foresee and implement when creating solutions using AI.

Final Thoughts

Overall, thanks to the knowledge gained during the IxDF AI product design course, our expert can now shorten the process of working on a project’s UX/UI design without compromising its quality and the client's budget. This means that project owners who turn to WEZOM for custom development services will be able to experience the practical benefits of obtaining this certification.

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Elevate Your Product Design with Wezom
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