What’s the Best NFT Marketplace for Selling Crypto Art?

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What’s the Best NFT Marketplace for Selling Crypto Art?

Selling Crypto art can be difficult. You are tied to a blockchain address, and this means you can’t take the art away with you if it turns out not to be your thing. Not having physical access to your items is another drawback of the decentralized nature of these digital goods - they’re only yours as long as you have access to the blockchain address they’re stored on.

Always ensure you research for a firm with competent developers to know the best features to look for when seeking platforms to sell your crypto art.

What is Crypto Art?

What is Crypto Art?

Crypto art is any digital good that’s cryptographically scarce and linked to a blockchain address. It means it can be bought, sold, and traded like other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.

If you already own some crypto art, why not sell your extra pieces on one of these marketplaces? If you don’t own any crypto art yet, buying some might be the way to get started with the new digital asset class. I think this quote from Coin Central sums it up well:

The biggest challenge is where to sell nft art because not many people know about the various places in which you can sell nft art. By selling your digital artwork, you will gain some money and make sure that you get an actual value for your art. When it comes to selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens), they are cryptographically scarce and immutable, meaning that they are unique and you can not create more of them.

What is the Best NFT Marketplace?

What is the Best NFT Marketplace?

The best nft platform to buy or sell crypto art depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve. Are you looking to profit from the sale of your digital art? Or maybe you just want a safe place to store your digital art?

See below some of the best NFT marketplaces to sell crypto art

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the biggest decentralized marketplaces out there at the moment. It’s an online marketplace that has been designed to allow people to buy and sell their crypto goods without giving up control of them, all you need is to label your goods nft art for sale and they will be included in the listings.

OpenSea is great for buying or selling crypto art because it’s easy to use and has a slick interface. It means you can browse items quickly, finding the ones you want with relative ease, so you don’t have to spend hours going through everything on the market.

Another feature of OpenSea that makes it a popular choice for buying and selling crypto art is the ability to create a wishlist. It allows you to save items from different stores to make your purchases later down the line when you have more money available.

2. CryptoKaiju

As well as being an online marketplace, CryptoKaiju is a decentralized application. It means that using CryptoKaiju is more convenient than using OpenSea because there are no fees, even if the listing ends.

It also means that you don’t have to wait for confirmation to see your new art on the list after buying it. You can do everything in one place without switching between different websites or applications, which is a nice touch.

One of the more exciting features that CryptoKaiju offers is its compatibility with Scatter. This blockchain wallet allows you to manage multiple Ethereum wallets quickly and conveniently. It means you can use all of your favorite ERC721 assets from one place, which makes buying and selling them much more manageable.

3. Rarebits

Rarebits is a decentralized marketplace that helps you buy and sell some of the most unique, handcrafted digital artworks on the market today. It’s a great place if you want to find some exceptional pieces of artwork that few other people have in their collections at the moment because it only sells one item per day.

You can sell your crypto art on Rarebits by creating a listing and asking for offers from interested buyers. However, the platform only takes a 10% cut of any item sold through it, which is excellent if you want to continue profiting from your digital art once it’s been sold.

4. OpenBazaar

OpenBazaar is a decentralized marketplace that has been making waves in the crypto world for some time. You can find just about anything on OpenBazaar, but it’s particularly effective if you want to sell nft art because there are no fees, even when used as an escrow service.

The platform is entirely decentralized, which means that you can’t get scammed while using it. It is because OpenBazaar prevents disputes from occurring in the first place by including smart contract technology into each item listing.

When a buyer and seller meet up through OpenBazaar, they will sign a smart contract together before anything else happens. It means that if anything goes wrong, the money (or the art) is sent straight back to where it came from. You can read more about how OpenBazaar works here.

5. SuperRare

SuperRare is a decentralized marketplace and application for buying and selling crypto art. The platform is one of the most reputable places to sell crypto art online because it only includes ERC721 tokens in its listings.

Because all of the items on sale through SuperRare are unique, there is no possibility that you will find two identical pieces of digital art listed at any given time - and since they can’t be counterfeited, you don’t have to worry about receiving a duplicate.

If you want to buy crypto art online in the future, SuperRare is one of your best options.

6. Nifty Gateway

Another great way to buy and sell nft art online is through the Nifty Gateway. This decentralized application allows for a simple, fast and efficient way of buying and selling NRVE, ETH, and ART tokens - which means that you can use Nifty Gateway to purchase crypto art.

The platform will automatically deduct any listing fees from the price of the art or other tokens you are buying, making it incredibly easy to use. It means that buyers don’t have to worry about paying extra just to list their items on Nifty Gateway, and sellers can always ask for the price they want without having to factor in fees.

7. Dmarket

Dmarket is a decentralized marketplace where you can buy and sell non-fungible tokens from any game that uses the ERC721 standard. Because there are so many different video games out there, Dmarket is a great place to look if you want to expand your collection of nft art with some additional items (that may not be crypto art).

Wrapping Up

sell nft art

Most people get confused about where can I sell nft art, with the above-stated marketplaces, this question will no longer exist. Go ahead and make your art sell it on one of the above marketplaces.

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