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KIVI is an international company, developer, and manufacturer of smart TVs. KIVI products are sold in the European and Asian markets. KIVI Smart TVs’ production is carried out in high-tech factories in Europe and Asia with an international quality control system. To expand the capabilities of the company's products, its representatives formulated an essential question: “For KIVI, how to create an app?” That’s why they decided to contact us to create a mobile application for TV remote control.

Services used:
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Goals and objectives


We were given the task of making a full-fledged remote control for Smart TV KIVI out of an ordinary smartphone.
In particular, we had to implement the interaction of Smart TV OS with mobile devices based on the iOS and Android platforms, which was not initially provided for by the developers of the platforms themselves.
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According to the client’s requirements, the solution we created was supposed to:

  • Completely replace the functionality of the remote control for KIVI TV
  • Provide users with the ability to add/edit the list of available Smart TVs and quickly switch between them
  • Display applications installed on KIVI Smart TV and activate them quickly
  • Allow entering text in the KIVI app directly from the smartphone keyboard
  • Activate the touchpad to provide users with an alternative for a remote control
Technology used
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We are an outsourcing company that cooperates with clients around the world. This case provided us with a new, valuable, and interesting experience, for which we had to assemble a team of a Project Manager, several iOS and Android Developers, a QA Specialist, and a Designer.

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To create two native mobile applications with identical functionality, we used conventional tools and programming languages: for iOS – Xcode and Swift and for Android – Android Studio and Java.

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We had to collaborate closely with the developers of KIVI iOS and KIVI Android TV operational systems. As a result, the client obtained two ready-made native mobile applications and their backend. Also, we had to test several working versions of the product to find the optimal one. In particular, since its launch on Google Play, KIVI APK has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. 

UX Designer
QA Engineer
Product Managers
Mobile developers
UX/UI Designers
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