Learning Management Systems: Tools for Embedded Librarianship

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About the Book

For years, academic librarians have been exploring innovative approaches to cater to their users and meet their research requirements. Now, they're utilizing learning management system (LMS) embedded librarianship to team up with faculty, offering students research aid directly within their LMS course sites. This edition of Library Technology Reports illustrates the LMS context within the broader digital resource landscape of academic libraries. The discourse covers:

  • Strategies for integrating digital collections and search tools
  • Techniques for developing tailored content for specific courses
  • Digital instruments for interaction, teamwork, and source citation
  • Trends in LMS embedded librarianship
  • Fundamental principles of universal design, pedagogical design, digital accessibility, and copyright.

You can download and read book here:

Learning Management Systems
John J. Burke, Beth E. Tumbleson
Learning Management Systems
This book examines the interplay of Learning Management Systems and digital resources in academic libraries, highlighting the emergence of integrated librarians, strategies for digital collection, and essential concepts such as instructional design and copyright rules.
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