Case: VoltVault



The client’s company is one of the largest in Illinois whose main activity is natural gas distribution across the USA. The company needed to improve the quality of customer service and simplify interaction with its customers (owners of residential and commercial properties) as well – actually, this is how the idea of utility applications development was generated.

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Goals and objectives


Automatically generate invoices to pay for gas consumed during the payment period
Perform analytics to predict upcoming gas consumption costs
Provide a history of consumed gas resources over a fixed period, as well as information about the customer’s tariff plan
Allow customers to pay bills for gas consumption without leaving the application
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We were entrusted with the task of creating a cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android that would be easy to use and secure since it would store and process the personal data of customers of the client’s company.

Technology used
Apollo Client
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Tech stack and Development team composition

After discussing all technical and non-technical requirements with the client, we settled on the following technical stack:

  • Java
  • GraphQL 
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis 
  • Spring 
  • Apollo Client 
  • React.js 

After assessing the scope of work, we decided to form a team of the following specialists:

  • Product Manager  
  • Project Manager 
  • Frontend Developer 
  • Backend Developer
  • DevOps Engineer 
  • System Architect
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Application functionality

The application must include the following features:

  • Login form (for user authentication/authorization)
  • Meter reading entry form
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Meter history
  • Payment history
  • Calculation of the current payment (customer balance)
  • Forecast of future payments
  • Viewing the tariff plan and the ability to change it (according to information about the current tariff and comparison of existing tariff plans)
  • Analytics of gas consumption by days, weeks, months, and years
  • Comparison of gas consumption over different time periods
  • Visualization of gas consumption in the form of graphs and charts
  • In-app payment for gas supply services
  • Contact support
  • News and the company’s general information
  • Individual custom profile settings
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The client contacted us to receive a full range of custom utility mobile apps development services. As a result, after several months of work on the project, the utility app was successfully launched, and now, the company’s customers are actively using it. Thanks to this innovation, the number of customer complaints has significantly decreased, and their overall level of satisfaction has increased.

Project manager
Frontend Developer
QA Engineer
Backend Developer
Product Managers
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