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The travel agency Kaztour was founded in 2001. Today, it is one of the leading tour operators in Kazakhstan, with over 40 thousand tourists as clients.
A new stage in the company’s development in digital required the creation of a clear mobile app, so the Kaztour team came to us.

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Goals and objectives

To create a cross-platform mobile tour planning app for both Android and IOS on the clients' backend

to create and approve the UI/UX design of the mobile application for mobile OSes
to realize a new mobile app on the code level
to ensure the integration of the product with the backend API and all the necessary tools: the online map, geolocation, the payment system, etc.
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A convenient and useful mobile app for tourists

Technology used
Dart Development Services
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Comprehensive search, selection, and booking of tours online

The system allows you to find out in a few clicks the optimal offer for any need, or select one of the hottest tours.

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User profiles for simplifying the process of booking

In the app, you can create tourist profiles and add passport details to them, or speed up booking and payment.

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Payment in parts

The app does not just provide the possibility to pay online. The user can choose one of the offers of partner banks and pay for the tour in parts or on credit.

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Additional service

When booking a tour, you can immediately order additional services: PCR testing, insurance for travel abroad, transfer options, etc.

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13 thousand downloads on Android, 22 thousand downloads on IOS.

In 7 months from the moment of release, the product reached the mark of more than 35 thousand downloads in mobile stores. These are excellent indicators for the market in which the client operates.
Now Kaztour users can have a convenient, stylish, and functional mobile service. Currently, our team is constantly working on updates to the application. The next updates will be dedicated to its unique capabilities. In particular, it is about cashback mechanisms and tracking price dynamics for selected tours.

Project manager
QA Engineer
Mobile developers
UX/UI Designers
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