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Since 1992, client's company has provided fleets with a full range of services for the selection, maintenance, repair, insurance, and recycling of tires for tractors, trailers, and trucks. Currently, this company has 16 tire stations throughout Ukraine.

As for the service that needed to be digitalized – tire leasing and maintenance – it is extremely popular in Ukraine since buying even one new tractor tire for a small business can result in a large expense. Thus, the high demand for this service forced the client to reconsider the usual approach to its implementation. 

We came up with the name TireRoute for our portfolio, as the client's brand is protected by an NDA.

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Goals and objectives


We were given the task of transferring all operations previously performed manually by the company’s employees.
Creating new client records, tire inspection, adding the tire parameters based on inspection results, history of services provided, billing and invoicing, etc.
A custom truck tire program that was supposed to function on Android tablets specially purchased by the company for these needs.
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According to the client’s requirements, the solution we created was supposed to:

  • Automatically recognize license plates through tablets’ cameras
  • Add tire inspection information to a centralized database
  • Add new requests to existing client records and create new client records from scratch
  • Automatically assess tire safety based on its wear
  • Automate invoicing and synchronize financial data with the accounting department
Technology used
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Mobile application for tire fitters

Native mobile technology for Android, sharpened for use on tablets. Special emphasis in the application is made on high-quality UX and speed.

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License plate recognition

To start diagnostics, the inspector just needs to point the tablet camera at the car number. The system will pull up the necessary data for work automatically, or offer to add a new vehicle to the database.

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Backend and admin panel of individual development

Information collected through the application is sent to the backend. On his side, according to the client's algorithms, the rental cost is calculated for each tire.

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After deploying the application, the client refused the paper documentation that had previously accompanied the tire leasing service. Situations of dishonest inspection by company employees were also excluded. Ultimately, by improving the quality and standardization of the data collected during tire inspections, the client received a more relevant view of the company’s assets and started to make more informed business decisions. Currently, the WEZOM team is working on product updates: in the near future, we are going to implement interactive schemes for wheel formulas.

Project manager
Frontend Developer
QA Engineer
Backend Developer
UX/UI Designers
Customer feedback

Our goal was to create an application that would allow users to collect and analyze performance data about their products and competitors' products. Thanks to the WEZOM team's efforts, the company has increased the speed and accuracy of data processing and reduced working hours. We complete projects on time and use a modern approach to cooperation.

Igor Volikov
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Igor Volikov
Technical Director, Network of service stations Dalnoboy
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