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An internal project of the WEZOM group of companies.

Within our companies' work, management needed updating in several areas at once, including onboarding, staff education, informing the staff about the situation in the company, and automation of the HR department. The software solutions that are present on the market did not fit into our requirements concerning the desired functionality and cybersecurity issues so we decided to go for our custom platform.

Services used:
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Goals and objectives

To create a corporate HR platform for automating "manual" operations, educating and testing the staff, and improving the level of communication in the company.

To realize a web application with a functional personal cabinet for the staff;
To build a model of onboarding, education, and testing for new employees within the company;
To ensure platform integration with accounting, project management, time tracking, etc. tools.
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A corporate digital environment that covers all the needs of HR management.

Technology used
Apollo Client
Material UI
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Solving onboarding problems.

An internal corporate landing page and a special account give newcomers access to a knowledge base and adaptation tools. These resources cover all the nutritional requirements in accordance with the WEZOM robot statute and regulations, revealing the structure of the company’s subdivisions in the form of a basic schematic “tree”.

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Online staff education

For new employees, onboarding should transform into the educational process in a very smooth way. The platform helps to realize a series of small regular tests that will allow for evaluation of how effective the onboarding process of the new employees is. After this stage is finished, in the personal cabinet, internal education and tests for competency evaluation can be realized.

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Automation of recruitment management

Previously, vacation requests at WEZOM were submitted and approved via e-mail, and department heads and HR had to approve them manually. The new platform made it possible to automate the submission and approval of requests through a personal account.

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Time tracking and internal communication

Each employee sees a widget in the cabinet with his statistics of time worked, so he can evaluate his performance. At the same time, department heads can better distribute tasks in the team and minimize the bench. The cabinet also provides access to the WEZOM structural tree, in which you can find the contacts of any specialist.

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New quality of automation of HR tasks, increased productivity

Today, the project is available in the form of the first MVP, and it has already demonstrated initial success.

Automation of paperwork and manual work saved 37% of the time for HR specialists. Additionally, staff turnover decreased, and the average "life expectancy" of an employee in the company increased by 22%.
Transparent monitoring of staff working hours reduced the amount of unplanned bench work in divisions by 85%, which significantly increased the overall productivity and speed of work on projects.
Our team is already working on the next MVP. The personal account will soon feature online training and testing, as well as Performance Review tools.

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