5 Reasons why crisis is the best time to create your own TMS

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5 Reasons why crisis is the best time to create your own TMS

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  1. Advantages of TMS for your business
  2. How to choose TMS app for your company

With the beginning of the global pandemic and then the impact of the economic collapse in the world, the global economy has suffered considerably, which of course has had an impact on logistics and transport in general. The growth of fuel price is not the only reason to start saving money (although they are an important one). We explain the reasons for fuel price increases in more detail here. So, a dedicated teamwork platform is needed, to manage the entire company properly and to maintain good communication between departments and drivers. 

How to avoid unnecessary repair fees, how to save money on fuel, and how not to drown in an American crisis these days. We've found the top 5 reasons why you should think about having your own TMS app to survive global inflation without major losses for your business. 

Advantages of TMS for your business

Let's change your mind a little, to begin with. The crisis is the best time for new investments. If you have previously or still use Google spreadsheets to manage work, then you should definitely think about the prospects and possibilities of a personal TMS

How do you understand or need a personal TMS application? Well, to determine this question, you need to pay attention to a few points:

  • You have more than 20 vehicles and more than 100 delivery requests per day 
  • Your drivers aren't delivering on time and customers are complaining about lateness 
  • You have a communication problem inside the company 

All the most significant benefits of working with a personal TMS application can be felt when you have already started working with it. With a personal system, all processes become 'transparent' and you can clearly see not only all movements but also all major expenses. This is one of the reasons to start running a personal system, as by controlling your expenses you will start to see where you can save money. 

To stay on top of the crisis, ask yourself another question: How can I use the crisis to improve my company's performance? Look at the situation from a different angle because the crisis is a great opportunity for development. By combining a TMS application and a crisis environment, you can get the following benefits.

So, let's move on to 5 creases solutions that will help you get through the crisis and keep your tracking business. 

Reason #1. Investing in new developments

Now is the time to test new opportunities for your business. But you should know that the results will come quickly. Most likely, the effects of implementing a TMS, or another platform in your work will appear only after the crisis or in a more stable economic situation.  

Reason #2. Optimization of the processes

If you were using another platform or tool before using TMS, then once you start using the application, you can organize all work processes in one place. Communication with drivers and dispatchers, as well as cargo tracking, will all be in one application. 

Reason #3. Saving transportation costs

One of the main TMS benefits is to save money on expenses. Usually, when using the application, a company saves an average of 10-20% on fuel. With the app, you'll start keeping track of all your travel expenses, from fuelling to repairs. In doing so, you can watch your staff keep track and enter all expenses in real-time. 

When you can clearly see all of your expenses, you can easily find unnecessary ones or ones you can do without. This kind of money management doesn't just work in your personal life – you'll be able to control your expenses clearly. 

Reason #4. Possibility to digitalize your business

If you haven't used online logistics management platforms before, then the crisis is the best time to start. The reason is not only about usability for you and your employees. According to statistics, 8 out of 10 customers will refuse to use your services again if they don't like customer support the first time. Provide your customers with quality online support, and both parties stand to gain. 

Reason #5. Increase in revenue 

If you are developing your application specifically for you, then you can connect additional functions, such as profitability calculation, optimal route calculation, as well as the search for passing cargo. All of these functions further increase the company's productivity and streamline work processes.  

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How to choose TMS app for your company 

As you can see, the main purpose of the app is to increase your efficiency while reducing unnecessary waste. Therefore, a good app should help you answer questions such as ”Where are the shortcomings? What can I improve? Which indicators are good and which are not good enough?”. 

If you have tried other platforms and have decided to get your personal TMS, then you have several options for the scenario. You can hire the development team, which will find a solution specifically for you, or you can buy a ready-made app. You can also use the Wezom help, where we offer you a consultation and take apart all the details of your company. Our goal is to find weaknesses and points of growth that can be improved.  

Don't forget that progress doesn't stand still, and the same goes for TMS developments. Keep an eye out for new updates to provide your customers and employees with only first-class services and technologies.

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