Fuel Card Benefits For Your Business

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July 25, 2022
Fuel Card Benefits For Your Business

To save money, most businesses provide gasoline cards that can only be used at gas stations that offer discounts. When it comes to administering and accounting for pay-and-reclaim systems, fuel cards save time and money. This article will go over several reasons why a gas card could be helpful to your company. Using a company gas card to fuel your vehicle can help your firm save money and provide several additional advantages. If you are contemplating utilising a fuel card, here are some fuel card benefits that may persuade you that it is the best option.

Discount on fuel

Using a gas card provided by your employer will save you money at the pump. You should receive a notification from your gas card provider approximately one week before the national price per litre is decided upon. This price is around two to three pence less than the standard one. This item is frequently discounted by 10 pence when purchased on a highway. 

It is possible that paying drivers by the mile will result in spending money that is not necessary due to the fluctuating cost of fuel. When you utilise a gasoline card for your company's fuel purchases, you can rest assured that you will always pay the right price. These cost reductions may significantly impact a company's bottom line.

Buy gas safely

buy gas safely

In contrast to a business debit or credit card, a company fuel card can only be used when purchasing fuel for the company's vehicles. With the assistance of the majority of providers, fuel cards can typically be assigned to either a driver or a car. With this level of safeguarding in place, doing the accounting for company vehicles is a breeze. Larger companies with a fleet of five to ten automobiles may benefit from deploying this as part of a fuel-saving fleet management system, which may also help such companies save money.

No receipts

When using a corporate gasoline card, you are not required to save any receipts. Invoices for pump transactions detail the amount paid for each gallon of fuel. You can request a printed invoice for the fuel delivered every week. 

The time saved in the accounting department directly results from having all of your firm's fuel costs in a single location. Invoices that follow the HMRC regulations help keep time in the workplace. Employees must pay the value-added tax (VAT) if they buy fuel for their usage (including commuting to and from work). Maintain a log of your mileage and save the receipts for any petrol.

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Extra services

Various gasoline card companies supply their consumers with additional services apart from fuel transport solutions. Some suppliers can give their customers fleet management reports and specialist account managers. There are credit cards that enable you to buy things in addition to gas. This package includes both car wash credits and accessories for your vehicle.

Some are Free fuel cards

Obtaining and using fuel cards that have no fees or minimums associated with them can be done for no cost. Some companies add a standard monthly payment to the cost of each card they provide. Doing some comparison shopping on the internet is the most effective way to get a company gas card that satisfies the requirements of your organisation.

Increased business security

Increased business security

It is essential to either guard your company against fraud or provide the responsibility of reasonable care to your employees. Instead of cash, you should provide your drivers with trucking fuel cards. They are less likely to target a robbery or an assault because they do not carry around significant quantities of cash.

Key business savings

Using fuel cards for owner-operators, which has a set price per litre typically lower than the fluctuating costs at multiple stations, can help businesses save money on their gas purchases in specific circumstances. Fuel cards allow you to monitor how much fuel each individual uses, which enables you to maintain tabs on the expenses incurred by your business more efficiently.

This is an excellent strategy to employ if you are interested in finding ways to reduce your long-term financial outlays. You can utilise the information you gather from seeing a vehicle that takes several unneeded small trips to assist you in the future when you are planning your route.

An easy organisation with streamlined admin

Administration is a time-consuming task, which is common knowledge among managers. When you buy fuel regularly, it is a hassle to reconcile expense records. Users are given the ability to manage their accounts with fuel cards, which helps to streamline the procedure. Recording transactions and producing HMRC-approved invoices are both parts of the gasoline card account management process, which enables weekly or monthly aggregation of invoicing. Because of this, there is no longer a requirement for manually sifting through a large number of papers to develop.

How fuel cards work

How fuel cards work

Before using a gas card provided by your employer, check to see if it is suitable for your vehicle. When it comes to some cards, you choose to select coverage at the local, national, or international level.

Please adhere to these six easy procedures to use your card.

  • There is nowhere else to go if you need fuel other than a gas station.
  • When necessary, replenish the supply.
  • To acquire your corporate car's VIN, present your company fuel card.
  • You should expect to be questioned about your past experiences behind the wheel.
  • When your credit card is swiped, you will be asked to sign a receipt.
  • Think about putting the receipts somewhere safe if you need them in the future.

Which gasoline card is best?

When deciding which company gas card is most suitable for your work vehicle, several considerations are considered. You choose to select a network card that operates on a local, national, or international scale, depending on your needs. 

Which gasoline card is best?

Public awareness of the cards that can be used at gas stations along interstates will be increased significantly throughout the United States. A select few fuel cards provide discounts on diesel fuel, gasoline, and the cost of charging electric vehicles. Larger fleets require additional network coverage to function correctly. There are almost 3,000 locations that can be reached with fifty to one hundred business cards.

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