Approaching App Development: Using the Dedicated Team Model

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Explaining what the Dedicated Team Model is and how it can come to the aid of companies big and small.

What is the Dedicated Team Model (DTM)?


Imagine organized dynamic people, a team, who can dedicate all their efforts and combined expertise to provide for the essential needs of software developers, who are looking to turn their ideas into reality: that is the Dedicated Team Model (DTM). Harnessing contemporary work customs and technology, a dedicated team completes your company. Essentially, a dedicated team provides all-purpose personnel that can be deployed for any task of your choosing. Any project that requires especially extreme programming, like app development, demands a rigorous approach that can be sustained by the DTM: an extreme level of devotion from your best experts until the problem is solved.

In today’s world, you will run into software development for any idea to bear fruit. What puts this in anyone’s reach is individual command of a unit made up from capable developers selected to provide a multitude of relevant capabilities. By diversification of the internal expertise of the company you will have a very accomplished problem-solving regiment.

A DTM, at its core, is a cooperation model. It competes with the likes of other association models like Fixed-cost and Time&Material. A DTM is generally a much more feasible service platform for most businesses, with others being desperate for its benefits. It is not to be confused with other industry standard work methods like SCRUM, Agile or Waterfall, as these can be work dynamics of the dedicated team itself. The team will naturally optimize it’s work method according to their preferences.

The DTM typically manifests as a remote group of software engineers that work closely with your internal developers. This type of close contact with essential knowledge puts a stop to compromising on growth. Any successful roadmap of long-term large-scale app development, these days, will include a dedicated team chosen for and cleared by you.

3 reasons that you Should Hire a Dedicated Team

3 reasons that you Should Hire a Dedicated Team

A dedicated development team caters to a wide variety of functional needs in complete service to you. This can greatly aid projects and companies that may be showing some of the following symptoms, separately or combined, as the result of an incompatible collaboration mode:

1. The agency struggles to cope with complex projects and/or demands niche capabilities

There are often many specific roles that need to be filled quickly and the best fit is not often found, especially when requiring niche skillsets or when workload is not precisely forecasted. A dedicated team is promptly selected for you according to:

  1. customized skillset with a touch of genius;
  2. far-reaching experience from multiple fields;
  3. devotion solely to you and your needs.

When you integrate with a dedicated project team as a natural extension of your systems, you will account for almost any shortfall you could come across due to a lack of either know-how or focused concentration. A dedicated team will provide extensive market research.

2. The firm struggles to preserve legacy knowledge of a project or company.

Dedicated development team services are supposed to form part of a longstanding relationship where you have complete exclusivity. Dedicated teams are not usually used on a project-to-project basis, as their true value emerges to your organization, wanting to protect company culture, incorporates them on a long-term basis.

Restoring common deficiencies of skill experienced by all range of app developers, such as: fully responsive, well-informed web design and the ability to deal with operational peaks, the DTM will fill in the gaps of your in-house expertise. This provides stability for the company to achieve its original mission and preserves the principles that sparked the company at its initiation.

3. The company has bitten off more than it can chew.

Oftentimes a business cannot afford all the extras that come along with hiring a whole extra team even though may be the best thing for the enterprise, especially a big project. The DTM is designed to bypass budget restrictions like these to develop products faster, with your team’s new extension taking on the extra workload. It takes care of costs stemming from: equipment and supplies, office space in the city and perks for team members. Externalizing costs like these can save on development by up to 60%, savings that can be fundamental in getting your company’s ball rolling.

There is no need to suffer when the DTM has been designed to solve all these problems for you. The flexibility offered by a custom workforce, where you are matched according to what your unique knowledge and qualification shortages demand, bolsters the capacity for your organization to realize any opportunity.

Advantages of DTM

Advantages of DTM

The anticipated advantages when utilizing the DTM are innumerable. There is a constitutional boost when incorporating novel proficiencies. There are three main ones, related to the curing of the main symptoms, that you will feel right away.

You will gain the upper hand on your projects with assured daily, constant communication. Employing a diverse array of communication channels, your dedicated software development team will answer your every beck and call; using contemporary team interfaces and interactive dashboards to deliver to the best of the team’s ability. With this holistic attitude towards communication, you are given complete oversight of development whilst the project maintains full transparency: you are always there to give the final go-ahead.

What you will also be thankful for is the full access to your personalized talent show acting as a seamless extension of your core staff. No longer do you need to worry about tracking down the expertise required in any one moment, problems experienced when hiring internally and the occasional need to hire very quickly at scale: the DTM will inherently bridge persisting knowledge gaps that could be forcing you to put aside key scopes of the project at hand. In fact, the DTM can result in up to 50% faster hiring. This is all possible while you are also afforded flexibility in the size of your team, maintaining a sensible number of positions.

Improve your workflows with our Agile project management
Improve your workflows with our Agile project management
Thanks to the best Agile practices, we will accelerate the launch of the product without compromising its quality!

All businesses aim to curb expenses and the DTM accomplishes this when also producing the value you desire. The concept externalizes the cost of processes optimized by other agencies so that you can leverage the expertise of others to advance your business. Expect to cut back on internal resources costs and look forward to saving on bank breakers like:

  • accounting, legal and tax expenses;
  • costs related to work settings and consumables;
  • HR associated expenses;
  • and finally, company bonuses.

Working remotely, a dedicated team will figure out from in-depth analysis of your business requirements and goals exactly what need to be implemented. Guarantee flawless execution done by pros working for you, no more worrying if you have all your bases covered. Furthermore, as timeframes and deadlines are correlated tightly with cost, estimations incorporating project size and hourly rate are provided for a calendar you can rely on. You can expect accurate deadlines and task trajectories.

How to Assemble your Dedicated Team for App Development

How to Assemble your Dedicated Team for App Development

A dedicated team is put together to fully empower the experts that your business calls for. Working with a world-wide access base, the assembling is done by adapting recruiters with a great deal of experience in software development themselves. While you are always coupled with the best talent, the assemblage focusses on two other variables as well: time that the task and relationship will occupy and optimization of synergy within the team.

The formation of your dedicated team is highly dependent on your requirements but some positions that would most likely need to be filled are: front and back-end developers, fullstack engineers, mobile developer, business and product specialists and analysts and project managers to name a few. A DTM can adjust the number of positions, working with a checklist of skillsets, according to project-derived manpower requirements.

Things to Consider Before Hiring Dedicated Mobile Developers

Now let's talk about how to correctly prepare for collaboration according to the dedicated team model.

  • Define the type of your application and the platform to run it. In general, the choice will be small: either this will be a mobile application for the Android an/or iOS platform, or a web application that will run in a browser. You will also have to indicate which key technologies will be used (it can be Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, or something else; in general, if your solution has functionality that does not require an advanced tech stack, it will be enough if you decide only on the platform).
  • Determine the specialists who will make up your dedicated development team. Of course, if you do not have much experience in application development, you are unlikely to be able to accurately understand who you need, but it still makes sense to define the key roles (for example, developers, system architects, designers, testers, etc.).
  • Estimate your budget and deadlines. You will most likely need expert help with this. In particular, you can consult with your future contractor – an outsourcing company that provides the services of dedicated development teams.
  • Clarify communication details and discuss legal issues. At this stage, you will probably already talk with your future digital partner about the budget and timing of your project, which means that the next step will be to clarify exactly how you will interact with your dedicated team and how you can protect your intellectual property (for example, this can be done by signing a NDA).
  • Officially confirm your cooperation. In addition to signing the NDA, you will also have to draw up and sign a contract on the terms of your cooperation. It should indicate the acceptable time frame for the project, the expected results, the budget, as well as the guarantees and obligations of both parties of the deal.

How Select the Best Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Let’s move on and take a look at how to hire dedicated mobile developer who will turn your business idea into a scalable and competitive solution within your budget.

  • Analyze their hard and soft skills. This means that you should not only analyze the CVs of your app writers for hire but also conduct a personal interview to understand whether they share the values and goals of your project or not.
  • Autonomy. The format of working with a dedicated team implies project management on the side of this team. This means that a manager who works with the team has to be in the same office with them and manage their workflows, assign tasks, as well as control their implementation. That is, you must make sure that the company in whose talent pool you are assembling a development team provides project managers as well.
  • Versatility. You must understand that if the requirements for your project change (which often happens with long-term, large-scale projects), your team will need to be able to adapt to them as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of their work. Thus, they should have a long list of technologies and tools on their CVs that they specialize in.
  • A global vision of the project and an understanding of the key aspects of its architecture. When it comes to developing projects that will be used for many years, constantly scaling and updating, it is crucial to understand what the initial architecture should be to avoid unnecessary work and prevent hard-to-fix errors. That's why your app makers for hire should have experience working on such solutions.
  • Ability to create cloud-based solutions. Likewise, your app builders for hire should be cloud-savvy to assess whether you need to migrate or host your project on cloud servers initially.
  • Experience with version control systems. Do not forget about testing knowledge in working with version control systems like Git – this will help your dedicated team reduce the time it takes to develop and launch updates.
  • Understanding your industry specifics. And, of course, you should check the experience of your future team members in your business niche. This way, you will get some guarantee that the final product will meet the standards of your industry and perform the tasks assigned to it correctly.

To get a more comprehensive understanding on what you should do, you can check our guide to hire dedicated developers.

Why Dedicated Mobile App Developers from Wezom?

Would you like to know why clients choose us? Below, we will explain this to you.

  • Comprehensive expertise. Our specialists are proficient in all time-proven software development tools and techniques, as well as improve their skills through constant training, attending IT events, and participating in diverse projects. Thus, we cope with projects of any complexity and scale, instantly adapting to the requirements of a particular client.
  • Individual approach to assembling teams. Despite the expertise of our talent pool, we still believe that one-size-fits-all specialists do not exist. Therefore, before staffing the team, we carefully analyze the project requirements and, based on them, select professionals who are able to implement them in the best possible way. We also check how comfortable it is for the selected team members to work with each other and only after that, approve the team’s final composition.
  • Easy scaling and updating of already deployed solutions. We quickly scale teams as needed – for example, if the project’s requirements were changed. Specifically, if there is a need for new dedicated mobile app developers, we quickly find those who have the necessary skills. Thus, there are no delays with the release of the new version of the already deployed solution.

Our successful cases of creating a software solution in the model of a dedicated team

Now we propose you to take a look at our specific case study, dedicated to ERP system development.

Our client, the oil and energy company with 17 offices, needed to get an end-to-end custom ERP solution to automate most of the internal business processes. After in-detail discussion of the client’s requirements, we agreed that the client's company needs a system of four interconnected modules: HRMS, Document management system, Billing CMS, and an LMS mobile application. Also, each of them has to be compliant with ISO 31001, ISO 27001, and GDPR and CCPA standards.

First, our dedicated app development team built an MVP – it took 30 sprints and was deployed. Currently, the client uses it across all departments for electronic document management, HR tasks, customer relationship management, logistics and supply chain optimization, and so on. Thanks to this solution, 1,500 employees of the company migrated to the new platform without any problems, and debtors' debts were significantly reduced by 38%.


Now, you have a clear understanding of how the dedicated team model works and can make an informed decision about whether it suits you or not without any doubts. If you are still inclined to believe that this will be an ideal cooperation option for you, feel free to contact us. We will analyze in detail the specifics of your project and assemble a team of specialists whose skills ideally meet its requirements.

Our Dedicated Team will help you with Your Project
Our Dedicated Team will help you with Your Project
With WEZOM, you gain access to a large highly experienced software developers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, UI/UX designers, and business analysts in Dedicated Team Model
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