Logicorp.inc Logistics: Digital Truck Management Platform for Trucking Company


Logicorp.inc Logistics

Logicorp.inc Logistics is a major trucking company that plays a prominent role in the US and Canadian logistics market.

The company required a digital truck management platform to be built from the ground up as they wanted to move away from utilizing a costly and inefficient third-party platform. They also wanted to sell the final TMS platform as a SAAS service.   

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Goals and objectives

Our team faced a system challenge when the iOS driver app was not able to support image downloads in the background. The in-house implementation of this proved challenging for the developers.

A server-side management part of the TMS
Mobile applications for iOS and Android driver
Web application for dispatchers, accountants and managers
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TMS ecosystem for Logistics Business

The developers were able to come up with a solution that ensured the app runs smoothly on all iOS mobile systems without the addition of significant costs.

The team built a TMS ecosystem to distribute and monitor the tasks of the logistics business. The platform helps manage the fleet, simplifies document flow, provides effective means to control drivers' work and ensures business transparency. 

Technology used
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The new TMS doesn't just replicate the functionality of dispatch platforms.

Today it has evolved into an IT ecosystem that combines logistics digital and CRM capabilities. In order to market the TMS, a lot of time was spent on SaaS and making it work. A select few businesses, including brokers and carriers, were able to use the system due to the SaaS itself. The orders from the brokers were placed on a shared list for pickup by various carriers. Additionally, there is interaction with the American database of brokerage firms, from which you can obtain TMS data.

The platform has relieved company management, simplified the work of dispatchers and drivers, and reduced costs. Supervising the work of the drivers has become much easier as the number of errors and bureaucratic oversights has decreased significantly, as well as the number of fines.

With the new IT-platform at its disposal, our client entered the TMS-software market, as originally planned. Today they sell this solution to their partners by subscription, which has allowed them to quickly recoup investment in the development and break even.
Project manager
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Backend Developer
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