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The original store under the "Shyp-Shyna" brand was opened in 1993. It has since grown into a nationwide network of stores and service stations, selling approximately 600 thousand tires per year.
The client's existing website suffered from speed issues, was difficult to integrate with the accounting system, and required a redesign to meet modern standards. That's why they turned to us with the request to create an up-to-date eCommerce platform to host an updated store.

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Goals and objectives

Create a new web platform for eCommerce based on the client's business specifics

design a fresh UI/UX from scratch;
develop the frontend and backend of the web platform individually with the help of SEO experts;
integrate the new platform with the client's existing accounting system and other digital tools.
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An up-to-date eCommerce platform that meets all of the client's speed, functionality, and UX requirements.

Technology used
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Updated design

Our team proposed a modern, sleek interface that reflects the brand identity. A user can navigate where they need in the product catalog in just three clicks from the main page.

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Dark theme

We suggested implementing two color schemes in the web interface, for users to freely switch on command. The dark theme looks really elegant and protects users' eyes during nighttime.

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This is a section where users can register their vehicles to simplify tire search. Searching through the garage only offers products that match the brand and model of a specified car.

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ECommerce platform migration free from shock for the business

Joining forces to transition the store to a new platform, our team of developers and SEO specialists managed to minimize all expected negative factors, such as loss of traffic and search positions. The launch of the new site was accompanied by only a 10% traffic drop, and it lasted only about a month (previously, experts had forecasted a drop of 20–30% over two to three months).

The release of the new platform took place at the end of September 2021, and by the end of October, the store had restored all its traffic and search metrics—just in time for the hot season in the tire business. In November, Shyp-Shyna recorded a noticeable increase in traffic.

Since the release, the WEZOM team has been responsible for the technical support of the platform. A dedicated team of developers is assigned to the project, implementing the client's ideas for further online business expansion. You can learn more about the Shyp-Shyna Case on our blog.

Project manager
UX Designer
Frontend Developer
QA Engineer
Backend Developer
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