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Miastoriia Restaurant Stores

A brand of restaurant stores offering top-quality meat and farm products to their guests. "Miastoriia approached WEZOM with ideas for a mobile app for online sales.

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This is an application in which you can order the delivery of raw steaks or barbecue to anywhere in the country in two clicks - the product will arrive in a thermobox in one or two days.
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Delivery of ready meals is also available to residents of Kyiv and its suburbs, while the user will be able to choose the degree of meat roasting and use the full functionality of e-commerce: a wish list, a bonus program, etc.
Goals and objectives

To create an app that would combine the functionality of classic e-commerce and an online restaurant.

To develop a cross-platform mobile app where you can order two-click delivery of meat, half-finished or ready-to-eat meals
Implement a separate catalog for finished and raw products - based on the functionality and logic of the app
Synchronize the application with third-party accounting software used by the company
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Create a cross-platform application for e-commerce, implement the separate catalog and synchronize everything with the accounting software.

The client initially requested the development of a hybrid application in React Native, but during the discussion we settled on Flutter: it works faster and is better customizable.

To implement the interaction between the frontend and the backend, we chose the well-typed GraphQL language - in the future, it will be possible to quickly and easily develop a new site for it. Oauth2 is used for user authorization, Firebase is used for push notifications.

Technology used
Firebase Development Services
Hive Development Services
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Separate catalog

The application combines the capabilities of an online restaurant and a store, this dictates the logic of the sections. Ordering ready-made meals is available only for residents of Kyiv and the suburbs. Still, raw meat and semi-finished products can be delivered anywhere in the country in a thermo-box.

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"Delicious" presentation of products

One of the main tasks of the application is to appetizingly present the brand’s products. A showcase module and block with the most popular product categories are available on the main screen to do this.

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Synchronization with accounting software

The client uses the iiko platform for HoReCa accounting. The new application automatically exchanges data on the product range and orders with it.

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Our Result: a Digital Tool for MeatRetail

In just a few months we have prepared to release an unusual and modern platform for e-commerce. At the same time, the application has received a strong architecture - it can be maintained and developed for years. Using GraphQL in the future will allow Meatpacking to cost-effectively launch a new website and strengthen its digital ecosystem.

And now let's talk about the results for the Client:

The new application improved the convenience of ordering, which undoubtedly affected the client's business activity:

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