Logistics customer portal

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Logistics customer portal

Digitalization is not only about the internal structure and processes, it brings a lot of benefits to your customers. The development of a logistic customer portal will allow you to make clients' interactions with your company even more convenient and hassle-free. That will help make your cooperation reliable and long-term.

What is Logistics Customer Portal?

logistics customer portal

The customer web portal for logistics is a tool that helps your customers and partners interact with your company. Thanks to it, you can make collaboration easier and more convenient, which will significantly increase the level of satisfaction of your customers. And this, in turn, will make them more loyal, turn them into lasting ones, and will also contribute to the growth of your reputation, and hence the increase of income and the company itself.

What are the possibilities of the client portal?

client portal

First of all, these are, of course, online orders. Your customers will be able to conveniently familiarize themselves with the entire range of services and place an order directly from their personal accounts. Moreover, you can display individual prices for each client based on the specifics of your cooperation, which will make the experience even more convenient for them.

Secondly, users will be able to track the delivery of their goods from their personal accounts. Moreover, they'll be able to set delivery conditions because some goods may need certain temperatures or other conditions. It will also be convenient for your customers to select and indicate delivery time windows to optimize the acceptance of goods from their side.

Thirdly, customer portals will allow you to conduct analytics of all orders: you will always know their quantity, trends, the most popular routes, as well as all the information regarding cargo transportation. It is convenient and helpful for the further development of your business.

These are not all the possibilities that your software can contain. By ordering an individual logistics customer portal development, you can choose a set of solutions, that is perfect for your business and helps solve all the problems.

Logistics Customer Portal Benefits

benefits customer portal

First of all, of course, the logistics portal benefits your customers. But your business only profits from this:

  • satisfaction increases through high-quality UX / UI design, and hence the number of your customers;
  • you can conduct analytics, which means visually track the strengths and weaknesses of your business and improve;
  • constant online support also helps build relationships with customers, and also makes your job easier;
  • reducing costs due to convenient online business, without the need for obligatory regular visits of representatives or placing orders via a call to the manager;
  • synchronization of all data in a single database, as well as the automation of most processes, will help you reduce time wasted;
  • opportunities for the growth and development of your company open up due to the optimization and increase in the efficiency of all processes.

Each tool and each solution has its tasks, and therefore its benefits in the end. You can order the building of a tool that will solve all your tasks and problems.

There is an opinion that building a customer portal is expensive, long and time-consuming. This is partly true. But now we will tell you how to build such a portal in 6 steps. This will give you a better understanding of how to move and develop your project.

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Step 1: Research

Successful development starts with discovery. It must includ:

  • Analyzing the target audience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Defining business objectives

By better understanding your target audience and your goals, you can create your own unique product that will bring results. 

Step 2: Creation of technical task 

At this stage you need to form your terms of reference. It should include all your wishes based on the needs of your target audience. This task will later come in handy for your developers. So try to convey the information in as much detail as possible. 

Step 3: Design

Make sure the designers use exactly the colors you need, as well as fonts and the position of blocks on the site. It is at this stage that the skeleton of your site will be formed, as well as its further shell. 

Step 4: Coding

At this crucial stage the team will create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your web portal. It will give you a possibility to calculate the total development time and budget and have a glance at what customer experience your clients would have. After approving a prototype, your development team will have to proceed according to the technical specifications and project architecture.

Step 5: Testing

At the stage of testing to understand how well the site works, with be sure to check how it works not only PC but also the mobile version. Most importantly, the web portal should have strong cybersecurity to prevent data breaches.

Step 6: Release 

After the release of your product, be prepared to monitor its further work and fix bugs if they appear. This will make your customer service even better and higher quality.

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