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LMS app project background

We were approached by the client, a large company with 17 offices in an oil and gas sector.  that needed to automate and digitize its internal business processes and, specifically, training for employees. As it was too difficult and expensive to maintain the disparate software tools used before, and the previous approach to training employees was not transparent enough and did not pass their feedback to the company's central office, the client decided to contact us.

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Goals and objectives

The client wanted to get a full-fledged mobile learning management system

As for the main tasks that he had to solve, it is adaptation and training.
The ability to store the company's reference materials and access them for employees according to their specialization was also important.
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Our solution for LMS App

After discussing the project details with the client, our custom development team created a mobile Learning Management System app. As for the main tech stack, we chose the following tools:

  • Elasticsearch 
  • Redis (cache/queue)
  • Java 11+
  • Spring
  • PHP 8
  • Laravel 8
  • GraphQL
  • Message broker (RabbitMQ|Nats)
  • API Gateway (Spring Gateway|Appolo GraphQL Federation|Tyk)
  • PostgreSQL
Technology used
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A total of 12 specialists worked on the system

A total of 12 specialists worked on the system: Project Manager, Product Owner, UX designer, three Front-end Developers, three Back-end Developers, two QA, and DevOps. Since this project needed to be integrated with the client’s ERP system, we also engaged the Delivery Manager, Product Portfolio Owner, and UX Designer-lead. 

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During the development process, we faced a kind of challenge

We needed to synchronize this custom product with the client's Active Directory.

However, we got through it.

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Professional LMS app

As a result, we have built a professional LMS app with the ability to store and upload training materials, and share them with employees according to the department they work in. 

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Standards in Learning Management System app

The mobile LMS app meets ISO 31001, ISO 27001, and GDPR standards. Also, it does not require a monthly license renewal, as was with previously used products.

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We managed to complete the MVP development for the learning management system in 30 sprints. Currently, the LMS mobile app is actively used by employees of the client's company and helps them onboard and gradually improve their professional skills wherever there is access to the Internet.

Project manager
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
Product Managers
QA manual and QA automation
UX/UI Designers
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