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About the Client

The client is a logistics company from the USA. They turned to us to get an online solution that would allow them to reduce cost of fuel for their trucks, namely, by allowing drivers to choose the best refueling, taking into account fuel prices, the current position of the truck, and the available fuel in the tank.

All data and names are fictitious, because we signed an NDA with the client.

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Software to optimize overhead costs through savings on fuel consumption.
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The client contacted us for the custom development of the expenses optimization app
Goals and objectives

Challenges and Goals

To integrate third-party services
To choose a service that could provide up-to-date fuel prices at gas stations
To ensure the necessary speed of development while meeting all the wishes of the client.
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What We Ended Up Developing?

This solution was conceived to optimize the company's work processes and reduce costs associated with fuel consumption. Thus, with the help of this application, drivers will be able to plan a route based on nearby gas stations.

Technology used
Ant Design
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We conducted research on systems that have up-to-date information on prices at gas stations across the country.

Such a system was supposed to act as the primary integration for our future solution. As a result, we settled on Barchart.

We also had to implement integration with services such as Samsara and Roadstart to transfer the current location of the driver to our application, as well as data on the remaining fuel in the tank and its consumption, so that the app could accurately calculate which gas station the driver would be able to get to.

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We settled on the fact that at this stage of cooperation, it is important for us to create an MVP.

We decided that the most priority task for our client and for us was the launch of MVP. In the future, we agreed on the refinement of this minimum viable product by enriching it with a number of new features that will turn it into a full-fledged app.

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The Current Stage of Development

At the moment, our development company is in the process of working on the project. 

UPD: We have supplemented MVP with analytics that will help you save money by offering gas stations with the lowest fuel prices. And already in the first quarter of operation, users managed to reduce costs by 17% due to the lowest fuel prices.

In the long term, we will enrich the solution with features that will turn it into a full-fledged app for managing all the company's internal processes: displaying drivers in real time, exchanging routes between the mobile application and the admin panel, as well as accessing the service for other companies and drivers.

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