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What is Amazon Relay?

Amazon plays a significant role for carriers, operating its own load board known as Amazon Relay. This program allows Amazon to submit a request for transportation to the common board with specific requirements.

Carriers can use the Amazon Relay program to perform any of the following:

  • Sign short-term contracts to ensure that drivers work full weeks and to assure payment weeks in advance.
  • Publish a truck's availability so Relay may schedule loads for it based on its free time.

The main features of Amazon Relay are: 

  • Human Behavior Adaption

The Relay Load Board can be refreshed by the Auto-booker/Auto-refresher, mimicking human behavior. The refresh time delay is increased by a random length of time when the option is enabled.

  • Update Time Delay

The Relay Load Board list refresh time delay can be customized using the Auto-booker/Auto-refresher. Refresh rates for the Relay Load Board range from one every 30 seconds to fifty every second.

  • Automatic Operations

The Auto-booker allows you to manually book and automatically confirm the first load that is found.

  • Filter with Maximum Stops

The maximum number of stops can be set as a search limit in the Auto-booker.

  • Increased Pay out Tracking Mode

There is a waiting mode on the Relay Auto Booker for pay out increases of a certain amount. When the pay out rises, the Booker halts, highlights the loads with the higher pay out, and shows the difference in value.

  • New Loads

There is a waiting mode for new loads in the relay auto-booker. The Booker stops and marks New Loads when a new load enters the Relay Loads Board list.

  • Support for Multiple Browser Tabs

The Amazon Relay Auto-booker can operate on numerous Google Chrome tabs.

  • Audio and Visual Notifications

The Amazon Relay Auto-booker generates unique audio and visual notifications for each operation.

  • Avoiding Similar Loads

The Auto-booker doesn't look for loads in similar loads. 

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Amazon Relay Load Board

Launched in 2017, the Amazon Relay load board enables dispatchers and truck drivers to access Amazon's extensive freight network and reserve jobs in advance.

On the Amazon Relay Dashboard automatically reserving the loads can automate everyday tasks. Automatically refreshing the load board, will assist in obtaining the greatest deals. Allow the extension to handle the work and increase your output by automating repetitive operations like browser reloading. 

Scheduling the highest rate loads will streamline the load booking procedure on the Amazon Relay Load Board, boosting your business' profitability. Giving you a set of predefined additional filters to increase your productivity while letting you concentrate on the job that matters.

Truckers compete fiercely for the most attractive loads because there are so many loads available on Amazon's load board. Taking into account each driver's individual tastes on top of that, it may be challenging for them to land the most practical and lucrative loads. Add-ons not only expand the user's search options but also chooses and automatically book pertinent loads on their behalf, notifying the user via their mobile device when a load has been reserved. 

Auto-booker can fill in the blanks on the load board for Amazon Relay. Plugins offer extra tools for focusing the search, locating the highest-paying loads, and determining the best routes for drivers. Drivers may be restricted by permissions in some states or may not be able to travel to particular places. When booking loads, the "exclude" option of the Relay tool ignores those locales. Additionally, there is an "only from" parameter that restricts stop places to a user-specified list. 

"I started making more bookings for Amazon Relay than ever before. I'm really happy since I only run between three states and it helps me plan my routes. It really does save lives.” - Carrier

Chrome Extensions

After undergoing numerous rounds of testing and development, the Chrome Plugin is now the fastest available tool, capable of locating and scheduling the ideal loads for drivers at a speed 20 times faster than a human.

Specialists state, “Dispatchers are fighting to click on the most requests in the shortest amount of time. However, since many people use Chrome plugins, the bot automatically chooses requests based on specific filters, refreshes the page, and applies for a load. You can only operate three to four bots on a single machine because the Chrome plugin only supports one user, one set of filter settings, and one browser.”

Using Amazon Relay for Transport Requests

How to start receiving transport requests:

1. Simple Alert

When you click the Start button, the extension recalls the loads that are now displayed on the load-board page. It then starts to refresh the load-board and stops on the first match. When new excursions are added or a trip's pricing changes, you are alerted by sound. Additionally, the backdrop color changes to yellow or green depending on whether a trip has increased or decreased in reward.

2. Search

This setting allows you to receive alerts for particular trips. You may test how the add-on functions in Search mode since it uses the same inputs as Auto-book mode. To understand how extensions function without running the danger of booking the incorrect trip, it is quite helpful to practice using filters on visible journeys. If you want to wait for certain trips to show up but don't want to utilize auto-book, use Search mode.

3. Auto-book

The same as Search mode, except if a required load is located, it books itself. The Quantity parameter is the only distinction. If you enter a quantity of more than 1, the auto-booker will keep booking compatible loads until your chosen quantity is met. When you click Start, the extension starts to update the load-board and tries to reserve the load. 

4. Adaptive Expanding

If checked, it will open the information of the highlighted journey, saving you time and clicking so you can see stops right away.

5. Fast Book Button

The "Fast Book button" checkbox in the Simple and Search modes activates the "Fast Book" button for highlighted journeys. It functions as a one-click booking, if you click "Fast book," the trip is automatically confirmed.

6. Change in Price

For example, if you set a price alert to $200, it will only inform you if the price increases by more than $200 from the starting point.

7. Randomizer

Before the subsequent load-board refresh, the randomizer adds a random pause between 0 and the value you entered in milliseconds.

If you set the Randomizer's value to 3000, the wait after each refresh will be between 0 and 3 seconds. It gives page reloading a more human appearance.

8. Maximum Departure

Choose the latest time and date that your driver can leave. A trip won't be booked if it begins later than the Max Departure timestamp. 

9. Stem Timing

The minimum amount of time the driver must go to the starting point. It is beneficial to avoid scheduling trips where the driver will be late so that both your Amazon business and performance score will not suffer. 

10. Min-Max Separation

By using the original Amazon filters, you may also specify a duration range with these. Therefore, you set the minimum and maximum distance for the entire journey here.

In conclusion

Amazon Relay and its Auto-booker tool revolutionize the load board process, enabling carriers to automate, streamline, and optimize their operations. From automatically refreshing the load board to scheduling high-rate loads and avoiding undesired locations, this powerful tool offers a wide range of features designed to enhance productivity and profitability. Whether you're a carrier seeking to improve efficiency or a dispatcher aiming to book the most practical and lucrative loads, Amazon Relay provides a comprehensive solution. To get started and experience the transformative impact of this tool on your operations, simply follow the instructions outlined in this guide.

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